Gruntwork Customers

It has been our privilege to work with software teams of all sizes. Meet some of the members of the Gruntwork Community:

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“The quality that Gruntwork produces and maintains is outstanding. It has proven time and time again to be a huge accelerator bringing companies forward in terms of stability and quality. It also enables closer collaboration across the engineering organization by providing easy-to-use, battle-tested modules in a “plug-and-play” manner, enabling us to take care of the core business, generating more value across the board, and not being slowed down by unnecessary ‘grunt work.’”

Markus Burger, DevOps Team Lead

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“When I first broached the topic of working with Gruntwork and redoing our platform, there was a fair bit of trepidation and anxiety from the team. I had to sell them on the concept. Now, I'm hearing nothing but rave reviews about the work you guys have done. Literally big smiles and rave reviews. From hard-to-please-engineers. Superb work! I'll happily recommend to you all the firms where I serve on the advisory board.”

Venu Javarappa, Senior Vice President, Engineering

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“We ended up going with Gruntwork. I highly recommend. Jim Brikman of Gruntwork was the top infrastructure engineer during my tenure at LinkedIn, so I already knew what to expect. It was fantastic to see how they delivered our awesome AWS + Terraform infrastructure on time and well under budget.”

Erem Boto, Senior Software Engineer

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“While we had made some good progress with various Terraform deployments across the company, Gruntwork really took our workflows and quality infrastructure code to another level that saves us time now and in the long run. By moving away from our proprietary build system to what I would call the Gruntwork “plug and play workflow,” we will have less issues and a more collaborative environment.”

Ryan Kelley, Senior Systems Engineer

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“We are a financial technology startup with ambitious plans to deliver custom cloud-hosted web applications quickly to a number of clients. After much research we became convinced that a comprehensive DevOps investment would be crucial to our success. We interviewed half a dozen experienced DevOps engineers for a full-time role and struggled to find a good fit - our relatively low-scale (initial) requirements weren’t complex enough to attract the best engineers, but still we needed things to be at a very high standard and we know we would need ot scale in the future.

Gruntwork’s solution - leveraging reusable high quality infrastructure components - is a fantastic fit for us. Literally in a couple of weeks we had a complete DevOps infrastructure up and running incorporating all kinds of “best practice” ideas - infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure, continuous integration, continuous delivery, containerization, load balancing, auto scaling, monitoring, security, etc - taking it many steps beyond where we would have ended up had we decided to build it ourselves over what would have been a much longer period of time.

In addition, the advice, training and ongoing support from the Gruntwork team has been excellent. We are just at the start of a long journey where our infrastructure needs will no doubt evolve over time and confident that Gruntwork will be a trusted partner along the way. In summary, very highly recommended.”

Dan Evison, CEO

And the community keeps growing!

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