DevOps as a Service

Go to production on top of proven, reliable, secure infrastructure code and best practices for AWS and GCP


Thousands of companies around the world build the same infrastructure over and over again from scratch.

Our Solution:  

DevOps as a Service

We have off-the-shelf, pre-packaged solutions available for all the repeated elements of DevOps.

The Result: Go to Prod in Days

Use pre-built battle-tested modules to get the infrastructure you want. Here’s how you can use DevOps as a Service to go to prod in days:

How you can use DevOps as a Service to go to production in three steps:



Learn DevOps

Ramp up quickly with video courses, production deployment guides, talks, books, blog posts, and documentation created by DevOps experts.


Read Our DevOps Tutorials

Ramp your team up quickly on DevOps by using documentation, blog posts, talks, books, and deployment guides created by a team of DevOps experts.

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Watch DevOps Video Courses

Learn about DevOps, Terraform, Docker, Packer, security, scalability and many other best practices with access to our collection of over 100 videos produced directly by Gruntwork engineers.

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Get Expert Guidance

Make sure you’re leveraging best practices by going through an onboarding process with a Gruntwork engineer and taking advantage of our production-readiness checklists.

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Deploy Your Infrastructure

Go live in days using the Gruntwork Infrastructure as Code Library, a collection of over 300,000 lines of reusable, battle-tested infrastructure code trusted in production by hundreds of companies.


Production Deployment Guides

Go to prod by following our detailed, hands-on, step-by-step deployment guides for AWS and GCP.

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Gruntwork Infrastructure as Code Library

Build your infrastructure on top of a collection of over 300,000 lines of reusable, production-grade, commercially-supported and maintained infrastructure code for AWS and GCP.

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Have Gruntwork Deploy Infrastructure For You

Our Professional Services team can deploy a production-grade, fully-automated, end-to-end architecture for you in AWS or GCP, and give you 100% of the code, all in about a day!

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Achieve Compliance

Gruntwork's modules are certified compliant by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), so you can get compliance out of the box, either by having Gruntwork deploy an end-to-end CIS-compliant Reference Architecture for you, or by assembling your own architecture using our modules and compliance guide.

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Get commercial support, ongoing maintenance and updates, code reviews, and prioritized bug fixes from the Gruntwork team—all for less than the price of a single, full-time DevOps engineer.


Keep Your Infrastructure up to Date

We continually make updates, additions, and fixes to the Infrastructure as Code Library. Everything is semantically versioned, so you get better, more up-to-date infrastructure with just a version number bump.

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Get Commercial Support

Get help with questions, troubleshooting, bug fixes, system design, and code reviews from the Gruntwork team via Slack, email, and phone/video calls. SLAs on response times available.

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Prioritized Bug Fixes

If you find a bug in any of the code in the Infrastructure as Code Library, we’ll start working on a bug fix within a guaranteed SLA.

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Ready to hand off the Gruntwork?