A Modern DevOps Platform.
Defined as code.
Live in just days.

We get you running on AWS with OpenTofu or Terraform while meeting CIS compliance. And you get 100% of the code.

350k+ lines of code, Built for
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Your infrastructure is Fragmented & Frustrating

Endless Debt

Your app teams are growing and it's not obvious the DevOps infrastructure can rise to the challenge. The infrastructure backlog seems to never get smaller.

Long Lead times

You're in the frustrating position of having to tell teams it will take weeks or months to deploy new accounts or applications.

Fragmented Governance

You just finished your SOC2, but now you're being told there is work for GDPR and PCI coming and you're concerned you don't have the technical governance to enforce policies across the organization.

Build Your New DevOps Platform with Gruntwork

Prebuilt modules, scaleable patterns

The Gruntwork Library, a software package with more than 350,000 lines of secure & maintained Terraform/OpenTofu code, lets you skip the tedium and get straight to best practice implementation that scales.

On demand deployments of apps and accounts

The Gruntwork Account Factory and Devops Foundations "Infrastructure Live" pattern sets you up to deploy new AWS accounts and apps in minutes, not days or weeks.

Compliance out of the box, with support

Gruntwork's CIS compliant architecture catalog lets you stand up applications that are compliant from the first deployment. Lean on Gruntwork Devops Foundations and Patcher to ensure your internal team is trained to keep it that way.

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How we compare

The modern alternative to DevOps consulting

DevOps Consulting

From scratch, immature code with no docs or tests

Mature, battle-tested products with docs and tests

Too many slide decks, not enough results

End-to-end workflows proven at 100s of companies

Once the engagement is done, you're on your own

Ongoing maintenance and support

What you get

World-class DevOps Foundations

Empower your teams with an automated, end-to-end software delivery workflow.

Account Factory

Vend new AWS accounts at the push of a button

Account Factory helps you quickly provision new accounts for your teams that come out-of-the-box with:

  • Secure baselines and guard rails

  • Secure network access

  • SSO Access

  • A GitOps Infra pipeline

  • Control Tower Integration

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Developer Self-service

Scaffold new infrastructure from an approved module catalog

  • IaC Library. Gain access to a library containing hundreds of production-ready, fully-tested, well-documented OpenTofu/Terraform modules written by experts.

  • Curated module catalog. We help you assemble your own catalog of infrastructure modules, bootstrapped with the Gruntwork Library. Easily find the modules you need.

  • Module templates. Select a template to help configure your module for common use cases.

  • Scaffolding. Scaffold new modules with a keystroke, with intelligent prompts for any configurations exposed in the selected template.

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GitOps Pipeline

Deploy with confidence using a GitOps-driven pipeline

  • The official pipeline for Terragrunt. Designed by the authors of Terragrunt to scale from startup to enterprise.

  • GitOps automation. Gruntwork Pipelines will run plan for any infra change pull request, and apply those changes when it gets merged.

  • Policy enforcement. All pipelines enforce a standard set of company policies, giving you confidence in every change.

  • Secure. Automatically-enforced principle of least privilege, temporary credentials using OIDC, audit logs in CloudTrail.

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Automatic Updates

Stay up-to-date, automatically

  • Automatic Updates. Patcher [BETA] opens PRs automatically when new versions of infrastructure dependencies get released.

  • Handle breaking changes. Breaking changes for Gruntwork Library modules come with patches that help you update your code automatically.

  • Promotion workflows. Promote changes across environments — from dev to stage to prod — so you can build confidence at each step.

  • Commercial maintenance & support. Get ongoing updates to all Gruntwork Library modules, as well as commercial support for all Gruntwork products.

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Use Cases

Many Use Cases.

One Integrated Solution.

Scale to hundreds of teams, thousands of devs

Save time and hassle every time you need to spin up a new team or sandbox account. DevOps Foundations streamlines the process, allowing you to provision new SDLC multi-account infrastructures for your teams in no time, while providing guard rails and controls so you can have confidence in everything your teams deploy.

Pass audits the first time, and every time

Establish a truly security-first infrastructure with DevOps Foundations. Our CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark compliant module catalog, unique Gruntwork Pipelines security model, and ongoing security patches and compliance updates give you out-of-the-box confidence and ensure you remain secure and compliant over time.

Adopt DevOps and Agile Methodologies

Empower your app teams to deploy the infrastructure they need while providing guard rails and retaining control over your infrastructure.

From the DevOps experts who brought you:

Terraform: Up & Running

Terraform: Up & Running

We wrote the book on Terraform and OpenTofu.



We are co-founders of OpenTofu and members of the steering commitee.

Fundamentals of DevOps & Software Delivery

Fundamentals of DevOps & Software Delivery

We wrote the book on how to deploy and manage software in production.



We created the most popular open source tool for using OpenTofu and Terraform at scale.


We may be experts, but don’t take our word for it

It has been our privilege to work with software teams of all sizes. Meet some of the members of the Gruntwork Community:
  • Grunty Arm
    We’ve been truly impressed with Gruntwork, the team, the responses, the community. It probably has saved us at least mid 6 figures if we had home rolled our infrastructure ourselves.
    Testimonial Profile Image

    Solomon White


    Testimonial Profile Image
  • The quality that Gruntwork produces and maintains is outstanding. It has proven time and time again to be a huge accelerator bringing companies forward in terms of stability and quality. It also enables closer collaboration across the engineering organization.
    Testimonial Profile Image

    Markus Burger

    4 time repeat customer

    Testimonial Profile Image
  • We ended up going with Gruntwork. I highly recommend. Jim Brikman of Gruntwork was the top infrastructure engineer during my tenure at LinkedIn, so I already knew what to expect. It was fantastic to see how they delivered our awesome AWS + Terraform infrastructure on time and well under budget.
    Testimonial Profile Image

    Erem Boto

    Senior Software Engineer

    Testimonial Profile Image

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