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Gruntwork Newsletter, November 2022

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Amanda Ohmer

NOV 28, 2022 | 6 min read
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Every few months, we send out a newsletter to all Gruntwork customers that describes all the updates we’ve made since the last newsletter and news from the DevOps industry. Note that many of the links below go to private repos in the Gruntwork Infrastructure as Code Library and Reference Architecture that are only accessible to customers.Hello Grunts,In the last several months, we published the 3rd edition of Terraform: Up & Running, added a Stripe Billing Portal to make it easier to manage the billing information for your subscription, updated the search on our docs site to search Knowledge Base articles, published a blog post on how to securely store secrets with the BitWarden CLI, created new Releases Pages to make it easier to find out about updates to the IaC Library, and made a ton of bug fixes and improvements. Finally, a reminder that we’ll be taking a holiday break for two weeks in December, so please plan accordingly!As always, if you have any questions or need help, email us at!

We’re excited to announce that the 3rd edition of Terraform: Up & Running has been published! It includes over 100 pages of new content, including two totally new chapters, one on managing secrets with Terraform and one on working with multiple providers, plus major changes to all the existing chapters, updating the book from Terraform 0.12 all the way to Terraform 1.2.To give you a preview of all this new content, we’ve created a two-part blog post series where we walk through the top 10 problems that have been fixed in Terraform over the last few years:

The new subscription card shown on your account details page.

We’ve switched to Stripe to make it easier for you to manage your subscription. Your team’s account page in now displays the details of your subscription, including status, products, next invoice date, and renewal term.You now also have access to the Stripe Billing Portal, where you can view past invoices, add or update payment info, and change your billing email. Access the Stripe Billing Portal in one of two ways:
  • 1.Click the Manage Billing button on your account page in, as shown in the screenshot above. This enables any admin on your team to manage billing information.
  • 2.Go to and enter the primary billing email associated with your subscription. This enables anyone with access to that email account — such as members of your finance team — to access the billing portal without needing a Gruntwork team member license.
We hope these new features add convenience and make it easier to manage your Gruntwork subscription.

Over the past year we’ve introduced our Knowledge Base to help you find answers to common questions, as well as our new documentation site where you can find guides, tutorials, and API references to help you make the most of your Gruntwork subscription.To make it even easier to find the best resources for your needs, Knowledge Base articles now appear in search results on Results are grouped under the “Knowledge Base” heading, and each leads to a dedicated summary page with the original question, selected answer, and a link back to the full discussion. We’ll continue improving both the content and the experience on our docs site to provide you with a single place to find everything you need to succeed with Gruntwork.

We published a blog post on how to securely store secrets in BitWarden CLI and load them into your ZSH shell when needed. This details a convenient and secure workflow for using secrets with command line tools such as Terraform, Packer, and the AWS CLI. Take a look and let us know how it works for you!

At Gruntwork, we are a human-friendly company, and we believe employees should be able to take time off to spend time with their friends and families, away from work. Therefore, as we do every year, the entire Gruntwork team will be on vacation for two weeks during the winter holidays, December 19th — January 1st. During this time, there may not be anyone around to respond to support inquiries, so please plan accordingly.We hope you’re able to relax and enjoy some time off as well. Happy holidays!

We’ve created a new dedicated page to track all Gruntwork releases, month by month! You can find it in the new Gruntwork Releases page of our docs site.Here are the dedicated pages for new Gruntwork releases since the last newsletter:

AWS has announced first-class support for using AWS SAM CLI with Terraform to test, deploy, and debug your serverless apps. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

AWS now supports configuring multiple Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) devices for IAM users and root users. This gives you added redundancy in case one MFA device is lost; it also allows you to use some MFA devices in some contexts, and others in other contexts (e.g., Yubikeys work really well in the AWS Console, but not as well on the CLI).

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