Initial Setup & Deployment

We define your entire infrastructure as code and deploy it into your AWS accounts in about 1 day.

Get your best-practices AWS architecture in about a day

The Infrastructure as Code Library and Usage Patterns Library include all the raw materials you need for a complete infrastructure, but assembling it all yourself can be time-consuming. One alternative to doing it all yourself is to have Gruntwork do it for you.

How It Works

Choose your architecture options

After you become a subscriber, fill out an online web form telling us what you want:

  • Single AWS Account vs. Multi-Account
  • AWS region
  • End-to-end encryption (as part of HIPAA, PCI, or other compliance programs)
  • Run services on Docker or directly on EC2 Instances
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Amazon Aurora, or any other RDS Database
  • Redis or Memcached
  • CircleCI, Travis CI, or Jenkins
  • Bastion Host or OpenVPN
  • S3 + CloudFront CDN for static content
  • Lambda functions
  • Kakfa, ZooKeeper, REST Proxy, Schema Registry, and Kafka Connect
  • DNS, TLS
  • Monitoring, Alerting, Log Aggregation

Are we missing something you want? Pay us a one-time fee to build it for you.

We build your initial architecture

We translate your preferences into infrastructure code written in Terraform, Bash, Python, and Go. We put the code into your git repos and deploy it into your AWS account(s), all in about 1 day.

Learn how to use it

Use our DevOps Training Library to learn how to use your new architecture with a series of micro-videos that walk you through all the most common uses cases in depth. Need to learn Terraform, Docker, or Packer? We have courses on those, too!

Get support

If you run into a snag, either ask a question on our Community Forum or sign up for Dedicated Support to chat directly with Gruntwork engineers via Slack, email, or phone/video, and guarantee a timely response.


See our pricing page for additional details.