DevOps Foundations

Work with a human expert to stand up your DevOps foundations

Work with a Gruntwork Solution Architect to achieve a state-of-the-art DevOps posture built off standard patterns but customized for your business.

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Meet the Gruntwork Building Blocks

Assemble your company's internal DevOps platform by leveraging our pre-built patterns, Terraform/OpenTofu modules, and tooling.

Account Factory

Quickly provision new AWS accounts and multi-account teams with secure account baselines and network topologies.


Deploy all of your infrastructure changes with secure GitOps workflows.

IaC Library

Leverage a reusable, production-grade, battle-tested, and CIS compliant library of over 300 Terraform modules.


Keep your infrastructure up-to-date, automatically, even in the face of breaking changes.

Complete Setup

Work with a dedicated solutions architect to configure your foundations to suit the needs of your business and your teams.

Maintenance and Support

Get commercial support, and regular updates for everything in the Gruntwork IaC library.


Standardized Patterns.

Custom implementation.

Work together with a Gruntwork DevOps expert, who will help you set up your new DevOps Foundations and ensure you understand how to leverage it successfully.

Dedicated Solutions Architect

Work with a Gruntwork Solutions Architect to design, set up, and configure your infrastructure.

Gap assessment

We’ll work with you to understand where you are now, where you’d like to go, and advise you how to get there.

Live video setup calls

Work face-to-face with your Solutions Architect for high bandwidth collaboration.

Learn by doing

Take a hands-on role in the process so you understand your new infrastructure end-to-end.

IaC Foundational patterns

We give you best-practice account baselines, folder structures, and infrastructure patterns.

Network configuration

We’ll help you deploy a first-class network topology.

Use Cases

Many Use Cases.

One Integrated Solution.

Scale to hundreds of teams, thousands of devs

Save time and hassle every time you need to spin up a new team or sandbox account. DevOps Foundations streamlines the process, allowing you to provision new SDLC multi-account infrastructures for your teams in no time, while providing guard rails and controls so you can have confidence in the everything your teams deploy.

Pass audits the first time, and every time

Establish a truly security-first infrastructure with DevOps Foundations. Our CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark compliant module catalog, unique Gruntwork Pipelines security model, and ongoing security patches and compliance updates give you out-of-the-box confidence and ensure you remain secure and compliant over time.

Adopt DevOps and Agile Methodologies

Empower your app teams to deploy the infrastructure they need while providing guard rails and retaining control over your infrastructure.


Built to Gruntwork standards

Standards compliant

All your new AWS accounts will meet the Center for Internet Security (CIS) AWS Foundations Benchmark.

Secure by default

We build every product with security-first principles, so you can have confidence in everything you deploy.

Well-architected, enterprise-grade

Well tested, thoroughly documented, built for high availability, scalability, and durability in accordance with the AWS well-architected framework.

Quality code

All code we write adheres to a set of publicly published coding standards, for consistently legible code that’s easy to extend as needed.

Commercially maintained

Gruntwork code is backed by automated tests and maintained by our DevOps experts, so your deployment keeps improving.

Commercially supported

We support Terragrunt, all Gruntwork-authored Terraform/OpenTofu code, Pipelines, Patcher, and Account Factory.


We may be experts, but don’t take our word for it

It has been our privilege to work with software teams of all sizes. Meet some of the members of the Gruntwork Community:
  • Grunty Arm
    We’ve been truly impressed with Gruntwork, the team, the responses, the community. It probably has saved us at least mid 6 figures if we had home rolled our infrastructure ourselves.
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    Solomon White


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  • The quality that Gruntwork produces and maintains is outstanding. It has proven time and time again to be a huge accelerator bringing companies forward in terms of stability and quality. It also enables closer collaboration across the engineering organization.
    Testimonial Profile Image

    Markus Burger

    4 time repeat customer

    Testimonial Profile Image
  • We ended up going with Gruntwork. I highly recommend. Jim Brikman of Gruntwork was the top infrastructure engineer during my tenure at LinkedIn, so I already knew what to expect. It was fantastic to see how they delivered our awesome AWS + Terraform infrastructure on time and well under budget.
    Testimonial Profile Image

    Erem Boto

    Senior Software Engineer

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    Lay your new DevOps Foundations today.

    Chat with a DevOps expert and see how our integrated solution can meet the needs of your business and your teams.


    Frequently Asked Questions

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