The official Pipelines solution for Terragrunt

Automatically deploy infrastructure changes with confidence. Designed by the authors of Terragrunt to scale from startup to enterprise.

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Automated plan & apply for every infrastructure change

Run your plan and apply in your native Github workflows while retaining full control. Give developers the flexibility they want, and platform teams the control they need.

Triggers Terragrunt commands on OpenTofu & Terraform

  • Seamless integration with pull requests

  • Plans automatically triggered during review

  • Infrastructure changes applied upon merge

Native Github integration

  • Ship changes all in one place by viewing plan, apply and error outputs directly within Github pull requests and merges

  • Unlimited usage from Gruntwork and pay only for Github Action minutes

Secure from the ground up

  • Access limits. Enforce principle of least privilege by giving developers access to only what they need

  • Temporary credentials. Leverage Github OIDC to authenticate and apply changes without storing AWS credentials

  • Audit Logs. Get insights into every action taken in your pipeline with detailed audit logs stored in AWS CloudTrail

Scales with your needs

  • Support multiple application development teams

  • Deliver a self-service developer experience

  • Push security updates across multiple environments

Part of Gruntwork DevOps Foundations

Leverage Gruntwork Library as part of an end-to-end DevOps lifecycle to enable automated deployments and developer self-service.


What our customers have to say about the Gruntwork Pipelines

  • Grunty Arm
    We’ve been truly impressed with Gruntwork, the team, the responses, the community. It probably has saved us at least mid 6 figures if we had home rolled our infrastructure ourselves.
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    Solomon White


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  • The quality that Gruntwork produces and maintains is outstanding. It has proven time and time again to be a huge accelerator bringing companies forward in terms of stability and quality. It also enables closer collaboration across the engineering organization.
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    Markus Burger

    4 time repeat customer

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  • We ended up going with Gruntwork. I highly recommend. Jim Brikman of Gruntwork was the top infrastructure engineer during my tenure at LinkedIn, so I already knew what to expect. It was fantastic to see how they delivered our awesome AWS + Terraform infrastructure on time and well under budget.
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    Erem Boto

    Senior Software Engineer

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